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March 13, 2016

A New Normal

We’re settling into our new house just in time for this gorgeous Georgia weather and my kids have never been happier, haha! We got out the chalk the other night and I snapped a few photos. They’re growing up too fast, I know everyone says that, but really… these kids were just babies yesterday and now they’re walking around telling me the entire story line of My Little Pony, complete with hand motions… well, one of them is anyways! I’m so thankful to have a passion that will help me hold onto these memories for years to come. I’m always such a sap, thinking about when I’m old and grey and the kids have kids of their own. At least I’ll always have these sweet, sweet memories… and grandkids. Apparently grandkids are pretty awesome, or so I’ve been told. Enjoy a little peek into our evening fun and hug your loved ones extra tight tonight, I know I will 🙂 

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