March 19, 2016

Nathaniel Buzolic | The Goat Farm Arts Center | Atlanta, Georgia Headshots Photographer

I was sitting in church at Passion City when Nathaniel came down the row and claimed the seat next to me that had been reserved by a small leather journal and a Bible. I wasn’t paying much attention, probably texting on my phone or answering emails, waiting for church to start. Then Nate started looking around like he had misplaced something, I asked him if he had lost something and he stated he couldn’t find his pen. I offered him one of mine from my endless bag of stationery supplies (really, it’s a problem) and we started chatting. We talked briefly during the offering, he asked where I was from and I mentioned Virginia, he said he was from Australia but traveling between LA and Atlanta. I asked him if he was in the film industry and he seemed surprised I asked, I explained that I’m a photographer and he had the ‘film industry look’, haha. I honestly had no clue who he was – I love The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, but I wasn’t really thinking about those shows while I was in church, haha. All through the service I felt like I should offer this kind actor a headshot session and see if he would be interested in a styled shoot. I gave him my card after church and it turned out that he actually did need new headshots! I googled Nate, looking to prepare for the session by seeing what his older headshots look like and that’s when all the dots connected! I tried not to fangirl too much, I mean… it was hard. I really, really love The Vampire Diaries… like, I’ve been watching it since 2012. But once we started the session he was so much fun to photograph, such a professional and so talented! He tried to claim he wasn’t “good” in front of the camera but he was being way humble. I am so honored that Nate allowed me to take these photos for him and I hope you enjoy!

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