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September 15, 2016

Disney Withdraw | Personal

You may or may not be aware of this slight obsession I have… well, if you’ve ever spent any amount of time with me you probably already know, but I am obsessed with Walt Disney World. I mean, head over heels, think about it all the time, probably should just move there, obsessed. In fact, I used to work at Disney World and while I didn’t appreciate it nearly as much I should have at the time, the knowledge of all the behind scenes stuff just fuels my Disney fire, especially when I haven’t been in awhile. It’s been almost exactly 3 years since I’ve seen that gorgeous castle and this week the Disney fever has hit me hard. I am currently listening to a loop of fantastyland theme park music while sipping coffee out of my magic kingdom cup and wondering if I sold a kidney if I would still be able to ride the rides. But alas, Amelia is in school now and Luke’s schedule is non-ending for the foreseeable future so we will have to wait. While I try to pull myself out of this Disney withdraw I thought I would give the best tips I have on being a Disney Fanatic while not actually going to Disney anytime soon (insert crying emoji here). 

1. Disney Music

I am a HUGE fan of listening to the music actually played in the park, hence the current Fantasyland loop. There are a bunch of streaming services online but my go to favorite is still good ol’ youtube. This chic right here has a TON of music and even puts pictures of the park on the video. Plus it’s a playlist that loops for literally hours on end, so I may or may not let it play constantly. 

2. Disney Smells

Okay, so confession. I don’t actually own any of these but I want one so bad I may have purchased one by the end of this blog. I’ve heard AMAZING things from other Disney fanatics that do own them plus their on Etsy so that has to mean something good, right? Here’s the deets: Anthology Candles

3. Disney Podcasts

Need to hear all things Disney gossip, news, events, and maybe just to know you’re not the only grown person that thinks about Disney World more than is probably healthy? Check out the following.

My fave, The Queue, is no longer on the air due to one of the hosts needing to take hiatus but they’re actively looking for someone to fill his spot so if you’re in Charlotte and have the Disney heart, you should def reach out to them. In the meantime, I actually really like relistening to old episodes… nerdy? maybe. Check them out here.

4. Disney Instagrams

Okay, this one just needs to be list form because there are SO many amazing ig-ers to follow and they all give my Disney fever a serious boost. Here they are in only a slight order of preference.
Oh Yeah Disney 
Disney Single Rider
Oh Disney Day
Yoho Disney
Lost Bros Trading Company

5. Disney Documentaries

And if the withdraws get reeeeally bad I’ll start watching one of these 1990’s documentaries.

Of course the 60th anniversary of Disney Land is pretty magical with Dick Van Dyke actually doing a heel click and all. 

And finally, if things get really desperate…

6. The Disney Store

You guys. This is a last resort. But I have been known to take my children to the Disney Store when I’m really feeling the homesickness. That always ends up in money that could have been saved for an actual Disney trip being spent on silly things though. So, again. Last. Resort.

And that my friends, is my current state of life. So if you hear me whistling It’s a Small World at our next photoshoot, now you’ll know why.

Are you a Disney fan too? How do you cope with the in between trips? Leave me a comment and let me know so we can all cope together! 🙂 

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