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Amelia turns FIVE today! I know it’s cliche, but seriously, where in the world has the time gone?! Last night I laid in bed with her for a long time and told her stories about each of her birthdays. She loves hearing about what she was like when she was little(er). Can you believe the […]

The H Family was not only taking their yearly family photos but also celebrating their youngest 1st birthday!!! And what sweethearts both their boys are! This little one was even posing for the camera! I wish my babies would do that, ha! I thoroughly enjoyed spending the morning with this sweet family and I’m so honored to have been able to capture this special time in their family’s life. Happy birthday little man! 

I had an absolute blast with the W family at their property in Clayton, Georgia. This old Boy Scout camp had everything that these super cute adventurers could ever hope to discover including rafter basketball, old cabins, trails galore, lake fishing and so, so much more! I loved getting to see these kids and their […]

This family was so much fun to photograph. B + E were so so so cute and even though B made me work for it, those sweet little smiles were definitely worth it. I also loved getting to hear about their family and what life is like with a two year old and 6 month old! And can we all agree that this momma is totally gorgeous and it’s super crazy that she even has a two year old and 6 month old?! Kudos to you momma, you’re totally rocking it out! I seriously had such a great time with these guys and I hope that they love their photos just as much as I loved taking them! Enjoy! 🙂

This family was a hoot to photograph! I had an absolute blast hanging out with them and getting to capture this very fun stage of life they are all in. The momma kept trying to tell me she wasn’t photogenic but, as you can see, she was obviously full of lies as she is gor-geous. All the ladies were naturals and the guys were super good sports the entire time. This family was so much fun and I hope they love these photos as much as I loved taking them!!

…now they’re married and have their own sweet little girl! They’ve been all over the place, including living in Hawaii for awhile and now only 2 hours away in Georgia! I loved getting to catch back up with them and of course meeting their sweet little girl, A. It makes my heart so happy to…

This sweet family had all the components for a perfect photo session; perfect light + perfect location (thanks Sims Lake Park!) + an absolutely adorable baby girl + perfect outfits + adorable mom and dad + a super sweet disposition. I mean, really, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend the evening 🙂 My favorite part of the whole session though, was this sweet girl’s SUPER excitement to…

When Maria first suggested the Atlanta Fair I was absolutely beside myself with excitement. The colors, the atmosphere, the yummy food (!)… combine all this with their sweet little boy and I knew we were sure to have a winner. I love, love, love the way this sweet little boy looks at his momma.

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