My photography style is
timeless, joyful, and authentic. 

My Photography Style

I'm going to take photo journalistic style photos of you laughing with your bridesmaids, of your baby sister drying your Dad's tears, of your mom dancing with the best man. I am going to watch for the moments that are begging to be captured and make sure they are documented for you to remember forever.

I will gather your bridal party and make even the most serious groomsman crack a grin. I will foster a time for your bridal party to enjoy being together while photographing those natural laughs and nervous excitement you'll share.

Your wedding day is about celebrating the love you have for your Groom, not worrying about whether the photographer is 'getting all the photos'. I make it easy for you to relax, enjoy your wedding day and know that when you get your photos back you will have everything you've dreamed of and more.

Here, Katie + Tommy are having fun during their formal Bridal Portraits before their ceremony. Just because it's called 'formal' doesn't mean it can't be fun!

So if you've got some tiny dancers like Brandon + Rebekah did at their wedding, then don't worry I'll be sure to get their sweet dance moves in between snapping photos of you and your hubs breaking it down on the dance floor.

Here, Christina's parents share a moment as they watch their only daughter prepare for her wedding ceremony.